Revitalize Your Website

Your 5 Star Website Review

Have you ever wondered if the message on your website is reaching your clients in the way you intended? Being so attached to the work you do it is sometimes hard to see things through the eyes of your client and it is easy to miss things that could just send them looking elsewhere. 

Having someone who can make suggestions about improving your business in ways you hadn’t even thought of is a wonderful gift. She is more than a great web designer. She is full of business experience, ideas and inspiration. Thank you Teresa!!

Crystal N. Owner, Cloud Nine Organization

What we look at… 


Your Website Message

What seems clear to us in the moment may not be very clear to your customers.  

Your audit begins by first listening to you tell us the who, what, when, where and why of your website. And then we take a look to see just how well as of that is clearly visible from the eyes of your website visitors. 


Online Visibility

If you are not showing up in online searches, your customers are not finding you. 

We dive into the pages of Google and see just how well you are showing up based on your industry and location using key words searches as well as tagline, business name and images. 



Trust & Relationship

Each time someone lands on your website you have an opportunity to welcome them into your community. 

We are going to take a look at how well your online message and processes foster trust and relationship with your online visitors. 


Make Your Content a Priority.

I certainly will.

What you will receive 

  • Full Website Audit 
  • 30 minute Audit Review 
  • Full Detailed report including
    • All the amazing things you are doing 
    • Suggestions to connect more genuinely 
    • Fast Action Plan to help you make changes quickly 

Purchase & Schedule Your Website Audit 

Once you have scheduled your audit I am going to get to work right away! The appointment time you select is where we will discuss and go over your audit notes and fast action plan for making tweaks and adjustments to help you stand out even more! If you’re not quite ready to commit but want to hear more, feel free to schedule a free consultation with me!