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As a busy working mom, I admit I never took the time to really think about these kind of things. Until one day my son said to me, “We all have a super power mom. What is your’s?” 

Make Your dreams a Priority.

I certainly will.

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Real Life Stories 

Rising Up from the Chaos and Clutter

Sometimes the step we need to take isn’t so scary, but when it feels daunting and overwhelming we feel just as stuck. If you would have asked Crystal to describe her life in the fall of 2016 she would have told you she was always surrounded by chaos and clutter. As a part time working mom of two, she couldn’t understand how things had gotten so crazy and messy, but she knew it was time to make a change that would matter. 

Discover how Crystal created a thriving business and life she loves.

She Didn't Believe Anyone Would Want Her Services

“Who’s going to really want my services,” Susie shared with me over a cup of coffee, and I understand her fear. As a metaphysical practitioner and healer, living in a small farming town she was often misunderstood. It’s tough to be different in a small town, and tough to show you are even interested in what is different.

Yet despite hiding, more than 30,000 people discovered her in just over a year. People looking for exactly what she had to offer!

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